Work in progress


Exactly how messy do things get before they're finished?   What stages do my pieces go through? 

Well, I thought it might be interesting to show some of the interim stages so you can see what my poor husband and daughter have to go through. In the summer, I can work in the shed in the garden... but in the colder months, I take over the dining room and kitchen!

The abstract pieces all go through a stage that looks a bit like this - most of my clothes have acrylic paint splashes somewhere on them, as this is really a lovely part of the process but incredibly messy!   I use storage boxes to try and contain most of the drips that this "fluid art" creates. 

Not everything is messy - this is how I sometimes spend my evenings when I  staying overnight in Solihull or Cardiff for work - room service for dinner,  a lovely peaceful evening spent painting, and an undisturbed night's sleep. 


When I start an embellishment on an abstract acrylic pour, I map out the additions in white acrylic. Several coats are needed - part of the acrylic pour includes mixing oil with the paint, so the multiple white coats help the subsequent coloured paint isn't repelled from the surface.